Tuesday, 27 October 2009

"Operation Christmas Goody Box" Appeal

While on holiday in Greece this year, I met a lad from Abergele who is a sergeant in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers. One of our conversations turned to Afghanistan and he told me what the conditions were like and how at times it was a very lonely place. The conversation then went on to how well Goody Boxes were received and what a boost to morale this had. This got me thinking that I would like to show my support and appreciation for the very difficult environment they are in and I also wanted to help. When I returned to Conwy, I spoke to Councillor Merfyn Thomas, who has a military background and he was aware of the goody boxes and the positive effect they have on morale.

Whether you agree or disagree with the war in Afghanistan, I believe our local troops deserve our support. Today in Tescos, Llandudno Junction, Councillor Merfyn Thomas and myself Launched Operation Christmas Goody Box. This appeal will run alongside one currently being held in Flintshire.

The Royal Welsh are about to go on a seven month tour in Helmand province. We are appealing for local people to show their support by donating toiletries, wet wipes, toothpaste, deodorant (not aerosol), shower gel and boiled sweets, mints, jellies, no chocolate. Magazines, puzzle books and writing materials are also needed.

A local school has agreed to write Christmas messages which will be placed in each box. Everything that is collected from Tescos in Llandudno Junction will be boxed up in Dale Barracks Chester and flown out hopefully in time for Christmas. Councillor Thomas and myself are looking to extend this appeal eastwards to Rhos on Sea and Colwyn Bay. You can donate from Thursday 29th October until 30th November at Tescos Llandudno Junction (there will be a trolley by the exit). I will update as and when we have more drop off sites.


  1. Well done Mike!!
    Agree with you a 100%

  2. Thank you Oscar.

    Would appreciate a mention on your blog.


  3. Lynne Watson.27 October, 2009

    Will get some stuff together and bring along to Tesco.A very good cause Mike.

  4. Thanks Lynne, Should be up and running Thursday Morning.