Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Please Can we have some more!

Busy day Tuesday. Informal Cabinet 10am-12noon, planning site visit Deganwy 12.30pm, Cabinet 2pm-4.30pm and a Governors meeting at Ysgol Maelgwn 6.30pm-8.30pm.

It was announced at Cabinet that we have received our provisional Welsh Assembly Settlement, an increase of 1.1% against a Wales average of 2%. It is worth noting that confirmation of our settlement will be in December, now is the time for all Councillors that can, to lobby their Assembly Members. I will be lobbying the Liberal Democrats this weekend at Conference in Wrexham.

Forecast Expenditure for Conwy 2010/2011:



WAG Settlement including increase £146,042,000

Council Tax £ 38,485,000

Council Tax increase 5% ?? £1,924,000

Shortfall £4,542,000 - Savings have been identified and we have a group of Councillors and Officers working together to identify future savings, it has to be said they are doing a great job.

I am working with the Environment Department to find 2% efficiency savings and the truth of the matter is that it's getting really difficult, our budget is £12,600,000.


  1. Interesting that you're working on an assumption of 5%. Won't it get capped at a lesser figure?

  2. Chris,

    Usually WAG have threatened to cap an authority that increase above 5%. So if Conwy announced say a 10% increase in Council Tax, WAG would probably step in and cap it at 5%.

  3. I bet it's 3.5% max.this time round!