Friday, 23 October 2009


Paul Davies of the All Wales Directors of NHS Finance stunned the NAW Finance Committee this week with an admission that a fifth (£1billion) of the NHS budget is not being spent efficiently. Kirsty Williams commented

“While we acknowledge that this money is being spent on patient care, it is unacceptable that £1 billion is not being used to the maximum effect to benefit patients. This raises very serious questions about the strategic management of our NHS and its ability to deliver value for Welsh taxpayers’ money.“


  1. Ok - full marks for honesty to the "All Wales Directors of NHS Finance" but what happens now?

    If even they are scratching their collective scrotum about the issue then what can the rest of us (including aspiring Lib Dem MP's?) do?

    Private medicine isn't an option for the 40% of the population that's either frail, chronic, 60+ or poor and it works for NO-ONE in emergencies or for anyone with a pre-existing condition, so we ALL need the NHS.

  2. Chris,

    I have no problem with the NHS infact it saved my daughters life, for that I will never forget and always support it.

    The answer is in the announcement, if they know money can be spent better then in simple terms, get on with it, identify the savings and use that money on improvements or dare I say "Efficiency Savings".

    I worked in Glan Clwyd hospital for just under 2 years and I have to say that the department I worked for (HSDU) ran a very tight ship. What I am trying to say is the NHS is a massive organisation parts work very well and parts not so. I will write to Kirsty and ask the question, What is she going to do about it now this has been highlighted?

  3. Agree if they know where the waste is they should sort it. Interesting to see what Kirsty will do???

  4. If you are able to post the reply on this blog, a few of us would appreciate that. Good luck.