Sunday, 25 October 2009

Conwy Food Festival

Visited the food festival this morning, Conwy is looking great with big crowds and a steady stream of local people walking across the cob, it's really great to see such an event at the end of the season.
I spoke with some traders they said that despite yesterdays poor start with the weather, they were expecting good trade today, I wish them well.
Conwy is one of my most favourite Towns and it does seem to buck the trend with it's very successful butchers, bakers, fruit and Veg shop and Conwy Fine Wines, to name a few.


  1. Agree mike, it's a great weekend and you are missed. You don't see many councillors getting stuck in like you did.

  2. Be interested on your views on the postal strike,as you are an ex-postman.I know how demoralised our local postmen are at the moment and if they are striking to preserve the integrity of Royal Mail I support them,our round at the moment is a complete mess with 10 postman doing the job previously done by 1,my worry is that nobody now,with emails,txts etc seems to notice they are on strike!

  3. Anon 08:38

    I have experienced srike action from the union and management side.
    What I will say is there are only ever losers with industrial action. Customers losing out on orders, staff losing out on Pay and the Company losing its reputation which takes years to rebuild.

    I have spoken to staff recently and they tell me that they are totally demoralised and overworked. Managers are under increasing pressure to deliver on a number of performance indicators. As I have said there are only losers, also the atmosphere in the workplace after strike action is not good. I may blog my views on my 22 years experience at a later date.