Saturday, 10 October 2009

Parking Attendants/Civil Enforcement Officers

I think parking around the county has become easier since the introduction of Conwys parking attendants, for example I am a customer of Edwards of Conwy, it was always difficult to park for the 10-15 minutes needed, now I find it a lot easier.
It must be a very difficult job to carry out being a Civil Enforcement Officer (Traffic Warden) and I have heard of a few being verbally and physically assaulted. These officers have to be consistent in their approach because if they turn a blind eye to what one vehicle does and then ticket another, this would leave them wide open. By being consistent in a way protects these officers. There is a separate appeals panel that will consider any issues raised by drivers challenging tickets.
I attended a meeting at Llandudno Swimming pool on Friday night and left at around 8:15pm, I parked on the road just up from Boulevard, when leaving I saw two officers placing parking tickets on cars and also taking photos of them. I couldn't help thinking of the owners coming away from Conwy County Councils Venue Cymru, having seen a great show and enjoying the evening only to be presented with a parking fine. What a " Show Stopper ". I will take this up with the department concerned, surely if you are a customer of the Swimming pool or Venue Cymru you should get a pass. I will check to see what the procedure is at this site and update on this blog.


  1. Mike,
    Great blog, My question is what are their hours of work, surely they should not be employed at a premium rate, just to go after easy meat????

  2. I agree with Anom.There surely come a time of day when some of these creatures should not be around to.Some of them are their own worst enemies,Some are reasonable but some especially one male and one female seem to have a grudge against humanity and yet they are oblivious to commercial vehicles in Conwy town parking on the pavements necesitating old people and mothers with pramms having to walk on the road to the detriment of their examples are outside Ieuans shop and oposite the Chemist in Castle Street.i was under the impression that these vehicles could attract a fixed penaly fine.

  3. iolo,

    I do not agree with your comment regarding the name creatures.

  4. Iolo has a very good point.
    They do not behave in a human manner, I tried to say good morning to one of them, as I used to the other wardens when they went past years ago,and were friendly, and I had a look of one these council ones as if I were dirt under her shoe.
    They are like some, only some, councillors, their own worst enemy.

  5. I should have worded my comments in a different. way and,for this I apologise but we are all God's creatures surely?What a difference these attendants are compared with Bob our previous Traffic Warden for many years.A real gentleman if there ever was one....And,yes I did receive a ticket from him once!

  6. turning your garden into a car park?